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ER Collet Components

Dial-Ables Shanks

best place to buy finasteride Shank Features:

  • Through coolant Side port  1/8″ NPT
  • Through coolant End port  1/4″ NPT
  • Black Oxide for long service
  • All group heads interchange with same color coded group shanks


ER Collet Adapter Heads

ER Collet Adapter Head Features:

  • 025″ adjustment off-center
  • Collet nut included in assembly
  • Squareness .0002 “
  • ER11 uses M14 x 0.75 threads
  • Four jack screws located radially for precision adjustment


Group A Components

Group A  – Shanks

Group A  – ER Collet Head Adaptors

* Non stock standard, check with local distributor for stock.

Group B Components

Group B  – Shanks

Group B  – ER Collet Head Adaptors

Group C Components

Group C  – Shanks

Group C –  ER Collet Head Adaptors

We reserve the right to change specifications without notice or obligation.