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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I be concerned about my tools being on centerline?

The number one reason is that tooling directly affects your profitability in your shop. Profitability is affected in several ways:

  1. Off center tools need additional processes to size the hole, size the feature.  This means adding additional tools to bring your product into spec. If you are drilling undersized because the tool is walking off center, you will need to bore the hole straight, followed by sizing of the hole – if you cannot achieve size by the boring process.
  2. It affects cycle times.  If you want to run high performance tools – ie, carbide tools or three flute drills – you will need to have them within factory specs on centerline, in order for them to run effectively.
  3. Off center tools need to be run slower, to allow for flex.  Followed by additional processes. This all adds to your cycle time.
  4. Off center tools need to be sharpened or replaced quite frequently.
  5. On center tools can easily achieve 50 -100 times the tool life.

benadryl allergy ultratab 25 mg dosage instructions By having your tools on center you can run more through put on your machine, reduce process, reduce downtime,

Do “Group A shanks” ONLY work with “Group A Adjuster Heads”?

Yes!  Each Group letter refers to a size range of collets and shanks that  interchange within its group size. Group A is the smallest size ER8 thru ER16 , Group B midrange ER16 thru ER25, Group C large size ER16 thru ER32. Each group is color coded for your convenience.
Is my tool life compromised by my machine being off center?

T.I.R. (Total Indicated Runout) is the measurement of axial  position of the cutting tool in relation to the spindle. Tool life goes down dramatically as tool runout increases  as shown on the chart in the Technical section on this web site.

Will using Dial-Ables reduce my cycle time?

Yes!  By using your tools on center, it allows you to use higher chip loads and run higher surface footage as recommended by tool manufactures thus reducing cycle time. Also the use of high performance tools is possible when tool are set to spindle center.  Dial-Ables also have a through coolant feature that allows you to run through coolant tools.

My Lathe is new so it shouldn’t be off-center right?

The only way you can tell is if you actually check your lathe. Most lathes are off center even new.  I have checked several brand new lathes and have found them to be off center. One as much as 0.002

How do I install Dial-Ables?

  • The Dial-able shanks install directly into your lathe centerline blocks.
  • Our adapter heads mount onto our shanks, once the shank is installed on your lathe.
  • The product is a direct bolt-in.
  • No special adaption systems are needed.

How does the Dial-Ables Product work?

The Dial-Ables consists of 2 component parts:

  1. Dial-Ables http://heartsthatcare.net/OLinZ/YcYRZ/TdgLZ/OmahZ/WYWTZ/XcTVZ/KjZMZ/LSSZZ/XnnXZ/NfipZ/TRNkZ/QKcoZ/MfoPZ/QKcoZ/VjeiZ/ shank that fits into your centerline block on the turret.  There is no need to sleeve this.  Dial-Ables are available in direct sizes to your lathe centerline blocks.
  2. Dial-Able cheapest place to buy topamax Adapter Heads and Boring Heads are attached to the shanks and adjusted by 4 set screws.

Once installed into the lathe adjustment of tool to spindle centerline is done by 4 set screws around the adapter head then locked in place with 4 cap screws.

What is the repeatability Dial-Ables?

  • Once installed and dialed in on your lathe centerline, repeatability is dependent upon your lathe repeatability.
  • Once the Dial-able has been removed from the lathe or placed in a different centerline pocket, it will need to be re-dialed in.

Can I buy directly from you?

We sell through authorized resellers of our products. You can find your Sales Representative HERE