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Returns / Return Goods Authorization

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  • Prior to returning any merchandise, a request for an authorization number must be made with our Customer Service Department. Please send your request showing quantity and description of each item, as well as date it was purchased.
  • Once a review of your request is made by our Customer Service Department, a list of acceptable items for return as well as an Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number will be sent. Items which are non-stock or special order will not be acceptable for return.
  • Only shipments showing the authorized RGA number plainly on top of shipment boxes as well as return paperwork will be accepted for review.
  • Distributor is responsible for return freight unless the shipment was an error of Butler & Brown Manufacturing.
  • A final review of products will be made once we receive the authorized return.
  • Generally, products will be accepted, and credit given, only for products which meet the criteria outlined below “Conditions of Return – Products”
  • Products, which do not meet the criteria, will either be shipped back to the distributor at their expense or an additional restock charge above the normal handling fee will be accessed. Customer Service will notify you if the situation arises.
  • Credits will be given for actual net price paid less a 15% handling fee or full credit with an offsetting order for the same or greater amount as the credit.
  • A 15% handling fee will apply to all returns but may be waived should the return be a result of a obvious order error.


source url Conditions of Return – Products:

  • Returned item must be a current Butler & Brown Manufacturing standard stocked product as per the current Price/Stock Schedule.
  • Products must be in original full packaged quantities and in a condition that will allow immediate restocking 
upon receipt at the Butler & Brown Manufacturing central stocking warehouse.
  • All returned items must have been purchased, within the previous 24-month period, from the date of the return. A copy of the original invoice, or the original invoice number and Butler & Brown Manufacturing order number must be provided with the returned Products.
  • Standard Products that become obsolete by Butler & Brown Manufacturing are subject to review and may be rejected upon receipt of the return by Butler & Brown Manufacturing.
  • Special Products may not be returned to Butler & Brown Manufacturing for credit, except for quality reasons and/or to be reworked.
  • Any broken Products packages, marked and defaced labels and/or packages will be rejected for return credit by Butler & Brown Manufacturing.
  • Returned materials must be properly packaged for shipment. Any carrier damage is the responsibility of the Distributor.
  • All returned Products, upon receipt by Butler & Brown Manufacturing, will be inspected, accepted, or rejected.
  • Returned items, which do not conform, will not be returned to the Distributor and the value of non-conforming items will be deducted from the Distributor credit. Any Products not meeting all the return policy conditions, identified herein will be scrapped by Butler & Brown Manufacturing.
  • Non-Butler & Brown Manufacturing items received by Butler & Brown Manufacturing, which have been included in a Distributor Products return will be returned to the Distributor.


go site Authorization – Distributor Inventory:

Distributor inventory for return is defined as excess inventory, stock rotation or return as a result of termination.

  • The total value of all excess inventory returns and /or stock rotations, within a given calendar year, is limited to 3% of the previous year’s purchases which is calculated on prior fiscal year purchases and may be split into a maximum of two (2) returns within a given calendar year.
  • Returns as a result of termination must be completed within 60 days of termination.
  • For pre-approval, the Distributor must submit a Returned Good Authorization (RGA) listing all Products for return to the assigned Butler and  Brown Manufacturing LLC Regional Manager and/or Manufacturer’s Agent. The Distributor list of Products submitted to request a return from Butler & Brown Manufacturing must include, in addition to any conditions herein, EDP part number, product description, quantity, and reason for return. Butler & Brown Manufacturing reserves the right to reject a Distributor excess inventory return, by item, based upon the review of a 12-month global demand and product classification. Proposed return quantities in excess of the 12-month global demand will not be approved for return. Based upon this information, a preliminary approval for return will be forwarded to the Distributor and assigned Regional Operation Center.
  • Butler & Brown Manufacturing will issue a Returned Goods Authorization, hereinafter called RGA, to the Distributor.
  • RGA product shipments must be received by Butler & Brown Manufacturing within 60 days of the written RGA issue date. After 60 days, the RGA is considered to be invalid. Material received by Butler & Brown Manufacturing on an expired RGA will be returned to the Distributor at the expense of the Distributor. An additional $50.00 processing and handling charge will be accessed to the Distributors account on all expired RGA’s received by Butler & Brown Manufacturing.


General Distributor & Customer Returns:

Distributor may also return Products for credit at any time for the following reasons:

  • Product Quality
  • Over Shipment (above standard terms & conditions)
  • Incorrect Item Shipped/Received
  • Due To Customer Order Error
  • Material Shipped in Error by Butler & Brown Manufacturing.
  • Distributor will obtain a RGA for these types of returns, from Butler & Brown Manufacturing.


General Terms & Procedures:

  • A 15% restocking charge will be applied to all excess inventory and/or stock rotation returns, except when the Distributor enters an offsetting purchase order for Products in equal to or greater value than the amount of the return credit issued. The offsetting order must be entered with Butler & Brown Manufacturing at the time the approved RGA is scheduled for return toButler and  Brown Manufacturing LLC.
  • No Distributor inventory returns will be accepted in the month of December by Butler and  Brown Manufacturing LLC.
  • All return packages must be clearly labeled, with issued RGA number affixed to the package. A packing slip along with other return documentation must be enclosed or securely attached to the outside of the package. This information is subject to inspection prior to issuance of credit.
  • Butler and  Brown Manufacturing LLC will issue a final credit to the Distributor on or before 30 days of receipt of returned material.
  • Distributor will be advised of any non-conforming return Products. Dispute of any such return will be resolved 
with local Regional Manager and/or Manufacturer’s Agent. Any such dispute must be resolved on or before 60 days of issued credit. Disputed returned materials that are not resolved within 60 days and/or any unauthorized returned product deduction by the Distributor may result in the suspension of the functional discount component for a period of three months.
  • Distributor agrees to comply with any and all Butler and  Brown Manufacturing LLC forms and/or formats required to process returned materials.

In addition to the terms and conditions herein, Butler and  Brown Manufacturing LLC reserves the right to charge an administration fee on any Distributor return. Should Butler and  Brown Manufacturing LLC at its sole discretion, invoke this right, the Distributor will be notified in writing within 15 Days of receipt of returned Products. This fee shall not exceed $100 per return, and will be deducted from the credit issued to the Distributor. Once implemented the administration fee may remain in effect for all subsequent Products returns of the Distributor.